NOW Youth Forward

Tampa Bay Academy of Hope’s NOW Forward Program serves male and female youth in Hillsborough County, Florida ages 16-24 who have been involved with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (FLDJJ) system and meet eligibility criteria.  Enrolled youth offenders benefit from training programs that promote community reconciliation through development of essential educational abilities and employment skills along with service learning which will lead to long-term sustainable careers. 
 Eligibility Criteria: ¨ Ages 16-24 ¨ Involvement with Department of Juvenile Justice ¨ Live in Hillsborough County ¨ No convictions in the Adult System.

Securing Your Dream

The purpose of the diversionary program is "an attempt to divert or channel out youthful offenders from the juvenile justice system" (Bynum and Thompson, 1996). The program is designed to treat improperly socialized juvenile offenders by using a series of lifestyle and life skill treatment modalities in an integrated educational approach to healthy decision making. Through life skills participants learn to manage their time, money, communicate effectively, show good judgment in decision-making, solve problems, effectively, function in team activities, long-term plan, and demonstrate good work ethic, which will help them function better in the school and work environment.
The primary objectives of the expunction program is to assist juvenile offenders to obtain expunction of criminal and arrest records for the purpose of increasing ling term employment opportunities in high demand industries.

Realizing Your Dream
TBAH offers NOW Forward participants four (4) primary tracks for career development:
1) Track 1: Construction
2) Track 2: IT
3) Track 3: Health Services
4) Track 4: Truck Driving
Each of these career tracks help our youth earn a certification leading to sustainable employment, which have the secondary effect of reducing recidivism among Hillsborough County youth. Youth gain both independent living skills and sustainable employment.
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