Board of Directors:

Christopher Shaver

Frankie Grover

Amy Munroe

Maurice Nelson

Evelyn Reed

Yuvette Roberts

Dr. Walter Smith

Stacy Walker

Jackie Waters

Company Profile

Tampa Bay Academy of Hope


Founded: 1996

Executive Director: Titania Lamb


Areas of expertise: 
Mentoring, Tutoring, Life Skills, Employment  and Job Placement

Recent Projects

Youth Forward
Youth Forward youth are moving forward.  The youth recently participated in the Keep Tampa Beautiful Project as a way of giving back to the community!  Youth Forward students are currently in summer programming. 

Spring Break College Tour
Students recently went on college tour from Florida to North Carolina.  Students visited eight (8) colleges in five (5) days, along with obstacle courses for team building over alligators and crocodiles, some horseback riding through the mountains, and historical tours through Savannah and Charleston.

Youth C5 ACT Youth
Volunteer Mentors and Tutors are currently working with students on credit repair services needed for the school year.  Students have two volunteer activities coming up in July and are preparing for the media program starting in August, 2014.

Mentor Recruitment
TBAH is currently recruiting mentors for youth ages 12-24.  Our youth are in need of role models and healthy adult relationships to guide them through adolescence and young adulthood.

Are our children being pushed into PRISON?  The pipeline to prison:  The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world ant its prisons and jails are overwhelmingly filled with African Americans and Latinos.  The paths to prison for young African American and Latino men are many, but the starting points are often the school and foster care systems.  Students of color face harsher discipline and are more likely to be pushed out of school than whites.  Black and Latino students are twice as likely to NOT GRADUATE high school as whites.  68% of all males in state and federal prison do not have a high school diploma.  Help us change that.Become a mentor! Tampa Bay Academy of Hope pprovides oth mentoring programs and tutoring services to all.

We have a simple mission:  Keep our youth in school and out of the prison pipeline and help them become productive and successful citizens!

What We’re Doing