Tampa Bay Academy of Hope 


Tampa Bay Academy of Hope provides programs to work with youth, adults and families.  These programs include:

1)  Read to Achieve Project (RAP)
Youth C5 - Talent Outreach Program (TOP)
3)  Youth C5 - Achieving Core Talent (ACT)
4)  NOW - No Offender Without A Second Chance
5)  PLAN - Parent Leadership Advocacy Network

Our newest initiatives include "Dare to Be King" and "To Become a Queen" address the gender specific peer, social and etiquette needs of minority male and female students.  This program specifically adopts minority male and female students identified as lacking social and etiquette skills, at risk of either dropping out or disengaging from school.  Youth participants are invited to annual retreats, one to one mentoring, and a rite of passage program.
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